Quality Assurance: Trainer Mentoring Programme

NSAR’s mentoring programme leads the way towards best-in-class safety-critical rail training.



Bridgeway Consulting offers consulting and contracting services in civil engineering and asset management. They are a leading rail training and assessment provider and an NSAR Assured Provider.


The NSAR Quality Assurance team developed a new mentoring programme, in collaboration with Bridgeway, dedicated to improving the quality of training and assessment for safety-critical rail roles.

Our process

The programme had three distinct week-long sections. Firstly, classroom-based learning on safety-critical compliance, procedures and standards involving the Rail Training Accreditation Scheme (RTAS) rules. Secondly, live ‘trackside walkouts’ at two different sites, allowing trainers to embed the technical criteria involved in the RTAS-approved material. Thirdly, back to the classroom to test, develop and refine the trainer’s delivery skills using pragmatic scenario-based case studies.

The programme concluded with an adjudication panel consisting of leading industry coaching and compliance experts from NSAR and Network Rail.


The programme was a success, with all attendees receiving accreditation. It has proved so effective with Bridgeway’s trainers that the company are rolling it out to all newly assured personnel.


Given that 40% of all active rail trainers will reach retirement age by 2030, the industry needs modern and responsive initiatives to attract, encourage and retain new trainers. NSAR’s programme will drive improvements in the quality of mentoring standards, improving the quality of training delivered across the industry and supporting career paths into this essential professional sector.

Steve Diksa, HSQE Director Bridgeway said: “As a leading rail training and assessment provider in the UK, we are always striving to better our service offering and improve our trainers’ skillset. Five of our entry-level rail trainers took part in the 3-week long programme and we are delighted with the result. All of our trainers made marked improvements in their knowledge as well as their level of engagement and confidence.” 

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