Quality Assurance : RSSB Rulebook Updates

NSAR regularly convenes working groups of training providers to align RSSB Rulebook updates with Network Rail safety training materials.



The Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB) twice annually produce updates to their Rulebooks for Track Worker Safety. The RSSB ‘Rulebook’ is a set of handbooks containing instructions for railway staff.

NSAR is tasked with collating the newly updated Rulebooks and convening a working group of track safety subject matter experts from our network of NSAR Assured Training Providers.  The working group interrogates and updates Network Rail’s portfolio of track safety training materials to align with the newly updated Rulebook.

NSAR is the project manager for this project and has delivered it for Network Rail since 2021.

Our process

Rulebook updates are published in June and December each year. Before publishing, NSAR works with the RSSB to collate these and produce the alignments to the training materials. NSAR convenes working groups in April-May and October-November. The working groups interpret the information in the newly updated handbooks and translate it into practical, technically accurate and compliant training materials. Outputs from the working groups are presented to Network Rail for final sign-off. Once signed off, NSAR prepares the final versions of the training materials, which are then published by Network Rail for use by training providers.


This project has consistently achieved validation from Network Rail’s Technical Authority for Track Worker Safety and achieved publication deadlines.


Facilitating training provider input into the RSSB Rulebook update process ensures training materials are fit for purpose and useful to the industry. Track workers receive training that is safe, consistent and in line with the latest safety guidelines.

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