Competency Management

Help your business’s training and competencies tracking needs.

NSAR designed a Competency Management System (CMS) platform called Skills ID to help organisations access and track their overall and individual staff skills set, training requirements, progress and authority to work.

Why choose Skills ID?

Manage the process of identifying and developing staff competency (knowledge, qualifications, and training progress).

Execute strategic workforce planning, by building effective learning and development plans that are easily tracked and reported.

Ensure compliance by alerting managers and individuals when training is either required as part of an individual’s role but not achieved, or will expire and an action is required.

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More about the NSAR Skills ID platform

Skills ID Brochure

Reasons your business needs Skills ID

Need to report on the compliance of their staff competencies.

Need to understand how over-qualified or under-qualified their staff are.

Better understand their company’s overall competencies, qualifications and training plans, down to individual level plans and progress.

Need to track authority of their staff for specific business areas and/or projects.

Want to identify skills gaps and risks across their business departments.

Supports action plans to help businesses get the resources and training they need in terms of recruitment, developing and retaining of staff.

Understand their training investment per business unit, team down to individual.

Want to build effective learning and development plans that are easily tracked and reported.

Removes the need for legacy systems and localised spreadsheets.

A platform for workforce optimisation including succession and business continuity planning, track training progress of staff and identify skills gaps and risks in their organisation.

Additional Benefits of Skills ID

Skills ID can transform an organisation’s raw data into a workforce dashboard that visually displays all information in a user-friendly way.

Available for all organisation sizes and sectors.

Able to log in remotely, get alerted and notified when tasks are due and build career paths for staff all in one portal.

Skills ID is a centralised and secure online record, accessible on all devices.

Provides a GAP analysis and insights into upskilling capability across your business.

Able to track learning progression of an individual or team.

We can integrate and link to existing organisations IT infrastructure, LMS, HR and BI reporting.

We can digitalise your assessments ensuring real time accurate information.

Skills ID offers the ability to track authority of staff for specific business areas and/or projects.



If you would like to find out more about how SkillsID can transform the HR function of your business, please contact for more information. This is available to NSAR members and non-members. For NSAR members, we can offer this tool as part of a tailored package of benefits.

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