Skills Intelligence Model

Using today’s workforce data to determine the needs and investment requirements of the future

The Skills Intelligence Model is a centralised platform that guides government, industry and business decision making around skills forecasting and investment requirements.

The model is updated annually, providing an overview and audit of the UK rail industry workforce with detailed insights on future workforce requirements.

Features of the Skills Intelligence Model:

One-of-a-kind platform produces a unique overview of a business’s workforce, to enable effective decision making around productivity, sustainability and future planning.

Identifies skills gaps in a business’s workforce and their supply chain.

Determines workforce needs such as resourcing and skills requirements for the future.

Details investment requirements to deliver existing and future infrastructure projects.

Models various scenarios for business planning purposes.

Creates action plans to recruit and train the staff that businesses need to deliver their ambitions.


The Process


We collect anonymised workforce data from industry employers and other sources across several fields.


We upload all this data into our Skills Intelligence Model


We combine this information with our existing database of over 230,000 workers.


We then break this data down into age, gender, job role, work type, company and location.

Outcomes for Business


Clarifies investment plans and requirements.


Provides an overview of their workforce today


Predicts the future workforce based on various scenarios.


Pinpoints risks with a gap analysis and ways to address them.

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