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We produce quality insights, accompanied by useful tools and tailor-made support packages to help businesses with their workforce planning and forecasting.

At NSAR we use data analysis and forecasting to help businesses better understand their current workforce and determine their future needs.

We can support you on every step of your workforce planning and development journey. From modelling your current workforce, to identifying current and future workforce needs, to the development of training and recruitment plans.

Skills Intelligence Model

NSAR's specialist team utilises a one-of-a-kind Skills Intelligence Model (SIM) to guide government, industry and business decision-making on skills forecasting and investment requirements.

The model is updated annually, providing an overview and audit of the UK rail industry workforce with detailed insights on future workforce requirements. It can be used by businesses to provide a unique overview of their own workforce.

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Annual Rail Workforce Survey

The Rail Workforce Survey is an annual survey collected and compiled by NSAR to build the dataset that informs its Skills Intelligence Model. It is the most complete and accurate representation of the UK Rail workforce.

The survey helps create a clear picture of the industry workforce, which enables the industry and businesses to set direction.


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