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What is social mobility?

Social mobility increases social value. Social value refers to the wider value to society that organisations can generate beyond the direct value the customers or end-users receive. It can be a measurement that helps establish the full net value an organisation provides to society.

Employers can weigh how they approach social value differently and in ways that may align to priorities within their organisation or corporate social responsibility approach.

Some priorities may include:

Building back better

Priority Groups

Underrepresented Populations

Being the best employer you can be

Developing a locally-based resilience approach to supply chains

Increasing local ties and dimensions to the business

Making your organisation greener

Air quality

Levelling up

Why is it important?

Social mobility is an important factor in the creation of a vibrant society and is a critical factor in the creation of a healthy economy. A socially mobile workforce is vital to enable society to capitalise on the opportunities the transport sector presents.

That is why social mobility is so important — growth in this sector means that businesses need to break down barriers to inclusion and widen their pool of applicants. It is crucial to recognise that ‘business as usual’ is no longer good enough.


Our approach to social moblility

At NSAR, we understand a more skilled, equal and diverse workforce increases the chances of upward social mobility and results in a positive impact on society as a whole.

In order to widen the pool of applicants, there need to be the requisite programmes in place. There is an oft-expressed frustration that applicants are not work ready but this can change through programmes such as work experience, work placements and pre-apprenticeship schemes.

We can support you in identifying opportunities for improving your social mobility and value through recruitment, employment, training and workforce development. You will work with the particular areas and themes that make most sense to your business and target the priority groups that are important to your business and business needs.

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