Professionalising the industry

The National Skills Academy for Rail is an organisation established to enable the sector to deliver a modern and efficient, world class railway through the development of a highly skilled and productive workforce. 

Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning is a critical activity for any organisation looking for sustainability in a constantly changing economy. NSAR’s expertise and tools which enable practical application, speak for themselves.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that training provision is to the standard demanded by the industry and take action wherever we find providers failing to deliver so that you can be assured of the quality of the training your staff are receiving. 

External Quality Assurance

NSAR is now enabling employers in digital industries, freight and rail to take responsibility for the quality of apprenticeship assessments. The three employer-led quality assurance boards ensure that apprenticeships deliver what employers need.

Skills Live

A unique tool which hosts video insights filmed with young apprentices to create visual job specifications that illustrate the tasks of a role and the behaviours and culture of an organisation.  The online platform is targeted towards young people who choose video content as the preferred form of daily media. 


NSAR helps its members globally by working with the national governments, industrial partners and blue chip organisations providing a range of skills related services targeted at the promotion and development of technical and vocational skills education and training in support of national industrial strategies. 

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like-minded entities, sharing specialist knowledge and expertise in all aspects of rail focused on delivery and maintenance of UK rail. 

Skills Intelligence

We provide up to date industry insights using our expertise and a range IT tools. Our skills intelligence allows the rail and peripheral organisations to make the right decisions.

Skills & Training

NSAR works with education, training providers and industry leading companies to ensure there is an effective supply chain to deliver skilled people for the industry.

Quality Assurance 

We are dedicated and passionate about ensuring that high quality, cost effective training is available and being delivered to meet your needs of the industry.

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