SAVE THE DATE in your diary for the forthcoming NSAR AGM taking place in Stratford, London on the morning of Friday 6th December 2019


The occasion marks our 9th Annual General Meeting and as an NSAR Member you are entitled to attend the meeting. 

NSAR Skills Symposium 2019

SAVE THE DATE in your diary for the forthcoming NSAR Skills Symposium 2019 taking place in Stratford, London on the afternoon of Friday 6th December 2019.  The symposium will focus on topical themes:​such as:  

  • Mental Health
  • The Impact of Brexit
  • The Williams Review
  • Digital and Data  

Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce: 3 Year Progress Report

The Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce: 3 Year Progress Report has been published and marks the latest in a series of annual reports setting out progress against ambitions from the government’s 2016 Transport infrastructure skills strategy, as well as information on the diversity of those undertaking apprenticeships. 

Driving Social Mobility in Transport

NSAR understands a more skilled workforce increases the chances of upward socially mobility. Members of the Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce (STAT) have developed a “Driving Social Mobility in Transport” Leaflet. 


The document sets out good practice examples to improve and champion social mobility in the transport sector. It aims to promote pre-employment training opportunities and is a guide for employers on how to get involved. 

Data Analyst and Data Scientist Shared Apprenticeships

NSAR is working with a number of

strategic partners to address the shortfall seen in the UK in data analytics and data science capability. With continuous technological advancements, the need to analyse data and be able to make key strategic decision on findings becomes ever more critical for today’s industries.


Our shared apprenticeship programme

offers apprentices the opportunity to learn new skills from a variety of employers across industry within a single programme.


The cloud-based platform delivers a centralised and secure online record of each individual’s competencies, qualifications and training plans which is easily accessible to both the employer and the individual on a computer, phone or tablet.  

External Quality Assurance

NSAR is now enabling employers in digital industries, freight and rail to take responsibility for the quality of apprenticeship assessments. The three employer-led quality assurance boards ensure that apprenticeships deliver what employers need.


NSAR helps its members globally by working with the national governments, industrial partners and blue chip organisations providing a range of skills related services targeted at the promotion and development of technical and vocational skills education and training in support of national industrial strategies. 

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NSAR Quality Assurance

Would your business benefit from higher productivity, increased revenues, and enhanced company reputation? NSAR’s QA team continuously strives for excellence to ensure that high quality, cost effective training is available…

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