Competency Management – Skills ID

NSAR’s Skills ID implemented by large construction and infrastructure firm to provide cross-business visibility on competence.

Skills ID is a Competency Management System (CMS) designed by NSAR to help organisations access and track their overall and individual staff skill sets, training requirements, progress and authority to work.



A large construction and infrastructure company needed a more flexible and comprehensive CMS to boost visibility across their business on individual and team training and competence. The CMS had to be able to manage the complexity of the company’s multiple divisions and databases.

Their previous competency management consisted of disparate training records stored across various applications and poor connectivity with other company systems, including HR and learning management systems. This created difficulty in producing accurate training proof for audits.


The company was looking for a CMS that could adapt to any business requirement, seamlessly connecting with their existing systems and providing a single source of training documents and assessments.

The desired system needed automated links to existing IT infrastructure to reduce manual input and ensure accuracy, as well as the ability to easily transfer and update skills and competencies when staff moved to a different team.


Skills ID provided the company with a secure cloud platform that met their IT security needs and gave them instant access to staff locations and skill sets.

The platform automates links to existing HR and learning management systems, reducing manual input and ensuring the accuracy of data and people movements – thereby helping them achieve an HR business change exercise they are undertaking. Its dashboard provides an overview of the actions required to reach the correct level of competency for business units, teams and individuals, while capturing all types of records and documents. This is supported by job role gap analysis reporting.

The company will be able to track an individual’s skillset as they move around the business, with automated tracking ensuring the correct level of competence is always monitored. Visibility across the business shows where there is a deficiency or surplus of skills.

Competency Mangement

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