Competency Management – Skills ID

Train operating company finds competency management solution with NSAR’s Skills ID

Skills ID is a Competency Management System (CMS) designed by NSAR to help organisations access and track their overall and individual staff skills set, training requirements, progress and authority to work.


The TOC has been using a legacy CMS that was only suitable for one area of the business, with other business units having to work around the fixed software framework. Training records were spread across various systems, leaving the company without visibility across the business on individual and team competence – and unable to produce accurate training proof for audits. With staff scattered across multiple sites, it was challenging to understand if each depot had the correct skill sets and where skills could be relocated when necessary.


The company sought a flexible CMS that could be adapted to any business sector requirement. They wanted a single, easy-to-use system to capture the workforce’s skills, competencies and performance assessments and provide visibility across the business. They needed control over their data and the ability to make changes without third-party intervention.


This is where Skills ID came in. The Skills ID dashboard provides instant access to staff locations and accurately shows the skill sets and training of the whole workforce. It is a secure cloud platform with multi-factor authentication that fully complies with the company’s IT security needs.

The Skills ID application is simple to use and allows the company to create assessments in line with business needs and complete these assessments offline. Furthermore, Skills ID connects to their existing IT landscape, including learning management systems and occupational health tracking, to automate data workflows.

The company has full visibility across depots and teams, meaning there is no deficiency or surplus of skills.



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