NSAR webinar facilitates insightful discussions about potential impacts of the General Election 2024

Last Thursday, 27 June, NSAR hosted a webinar about the impact of the upcoming general election on the rail industry.

The webinar facilitated interesting and worthwhile discussions about the major issues that will impact the rail industry after the general election. All the speakers agreed that the industry will increasingly be viewed as a tool for delivering economic growth and social benefits. The panel also believed that the private sector is likely to play a more significant role in rail, especially in infrastructure, over the course of the next parliament. Similarly, there was broad agreement that Great British Railways (GBR) will proceed largely as envisioned in the Williams Review, albeit with some potential changes.

The panellists had slightly different views on the financial outlook for the rail industry. All predicted a constrained financial environment in the first year of the next government but opinions differed on whether there would be room for increased spending thereafter.

Other interesting points discussed included devolution, particularly the enhanced role metro mayors are likely to play post-election in the delivery of rail infrastructure, the pursuit of Net Zero and strategies for engaging with the new parliament.

Thanks especially to our panellists – Andy Bagnall, Chief Executive of Rail Partners; James McGowan, Public Affairs and PR Director at the Railway Industry Association and Edward Hughes, Head of Policy and Engagement at NSAR, and to NSAR Chief Executive Neil Robertson for chairing.

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