AVA Footbridge

AVA Footbridge and Lift System prototype completed

The AVA Footbridge was one of four Physical Asset Demonstrator projects in the TIES Living Lab. It was a collaboration among industry leaders in engineering, manufacturing and construction.

The prototype has recently been completed by the AVA consortium – made up of Walker Construction UK, Expedition Engineering, Hawkins/Brown, Network Rail, McNealy Brown and ARX.


The aim of the project was to:

· Maximise off-site manufacturing and site preassembly to minimise temporary station works.

· Save money, save time and save distribution.

· Rapid assembly approach.

· Beneficial whole-life cost balance of service life against cost/resources/energy.

· Enable greater investment efficiency of footbridges across the transport sector.


The AVA Modular Footbridge and Lift System revolutionises the procurement, manufacturing and installation of railway footbridges. This is the first new lift system to be introduced into the UK lift market for a number of years. The bridge and lift are now standard designs in Network Rail’s design guide.

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