Freightliner joins NSAR as a Silver subscription member

NSAR is pleased to welcome Freightliner as a new Silver subscription member.

Earlier this year, Freightliner commissioned some workforce analysis from NSAR. Freightliner shared information about their workforce that NSAR turned into insights on employee demographics and roles that posed potential retirement risks.

NSAR investigated gender, age, location, job family, diversity, apprentices and the potential impact of retirement across the Freightliner workforce. These demographics and insights were also benchmarked in comparison to other freight groups in rail and the industry as a whole. All data was, of course, anonymised on an individual and organisational level. This kind of analysis is useful to gain a clear understanding of the workforce and potential challenges.

Following on from the workforce analysis, Freightliner was interested in becoming an NSAR subscription member to take advantage of the discount on consultancy days that membership provides. As part of the NSAR Silver membership, 7 consultancy days are included – equal to an 11% discount on each consultancy day if bought individually. These consultancy days can be used across NSAR’s full suite of services – workforce planning, apprenticeship support and quality assurance of training. Visit our website for more information.

Freightliner is currently considering how they will progress work-to-date with NSAR through their subscription membership and use of consultancy days.

Anika Shenfield, Learning and Development Manager at Freightliner says; “We have been an NSAR member for two years now and are delighted to become a Silver subscription member. The workforce analysis NSAR undertook for us provided great insights into our workforce demographics and roles, allowing us to gain a better understanding of potential risks. We are excited to take advantage of all NSAR’s services with our continued membership.”

Read more about subscription memberships here.

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