NSAR at the RIA Innovation Conference 2021

Last week NSAR hosted a workshop at the RIA Innovation Conference 2021 focusing on the Digitally Enabled Workforce. The session covered numerous topics such as:

  • What does ‘digital’ actually mean and what is the global picture?
  • How a digitally talented workforce is an integral part of the wider Rail Technical Strategy
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of the digital landscape?
  • Deployment of digital technologies requires thought for the people expected to use and implement the new systems
  • The future offers further opportunities for continuous training, a digital skills audit including digital literacy and to challenge the reluctance of those to use the new technologies

Other notable contributors including Network Rail R&D, Transport for London (TFL) and UKRRIN ran parallel sessions. The event fostered a range of new ideas, connections, and business opportunities which will be vital in the future of rail.

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