Mind the Gap: How we encourage more women into rail

While construction remains one of the largest employers in the UK, women comprise only 10.3% of the workforce and just 1% of those working on site.

HS2 is working to address this imbalance throughout its workforce and the industry more broadly. 36% of HS2 Ltd’s employees are women - this is significantly higher than the infrastructure sector average of 21% and they are committed to increasing this to 40% by 2020/2021.

Join the forthcoming webinar entitled “Mind the Gap: How we encourage more women into rail” which will discuss how the industry could go about breaking down the common misconception that construction is a male dominated arena and hear more about the initiatives set up to help more women into rail.

The panel will feature our chair Dyan Crowther (CEO, High Speed 1) as well as Julie Venn-Morton (Skills Manager, Area North, HS2 Ltd) and Amy Keirl, Organiser (TSSA).

To register or find out more, click here.

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