Network Rail confirms route director appointments

Network Rail’s regional directors have each confirmed a series of appointments to their senior management teams as the company’s 14 new routes go live today.

Andrew Haines, Network Rail chief executive, said: “The 14 new routes are all about moving power and accountability from the big network functions to the routes and regions, giving them greater accountability for train performance in their areas. “It is a fundamental change and at the heart of the transformation of Network Rail to a business that is unequivocally on the side of passengers and freight users, focused on delivering better day-to-day performance.”

Here is a summary of the route director appointments:

Eastern region (led by Rob McIntosh, managing director)

  • Ellie Burrows – route director, Anglia
  • Gary Walsh – route director, East Midlands
  • Matthew Rice – route director, North & East
  • Paul Rutter – route director, East Coast

Scotland’s Railway (led by Alex Hynes, managing director)

  • Liam Sumpter – route director, Network Rail Scotland

Wales & Western region (led by Mark Langman, managing director)

  • Bill Kelly- route director, Wales and Borders
  • Mike Gallop – route director, Western

North West and Central region (led by Tim Shoveller, managing director)

  • James Dean – route director, West Coast Mainline South
  • Phil James – route director, North West
  • Dave Penney – route director, Central *

Southern region (led by John Halsall, managing director)

  • Mark Killick – route director, Wessex
  • Shaun King – route director, Sussex
  • Fiona Taylor – route director, Kent
  • Katie Frost – route director, Network Rail High Speed
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