Workforce Analytics: Offshore Wind Industry Council

NSAR’s Skills Intelligence Model (SIM), part of Workforce Planning, was used to model future workforce requirements in a report released by the Offshore Wind Industry Council.


The Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) is a senior government and industry forum established in 2013 to drive the development of the offshore wind sector in the UK.


The OWIC wanted to understand the future skills demands and job roles the offshore wind sector requires.

Our Process

NSAR’s SIM was used to model these future workforce requirements. A sector-specific skills model was developed that demonstrated the demographics of the current workforce and delivered a demand forecast for the future.

OWIC carried out a survey of the current offshore wind sector workforce. NSAR uplifted the survey data to make it representative of the entire UK offshore wind sector (rather than just the 97 companies that responded). Once the current workforce was established, it was modelled out to 2030 by increasing it year-on-year in line with the forecast year-on-year growth in the UK.

Project forecasts from Renewable UK’s EnergyPulse database were used to produce an annual total spend across the UK offshore wind sector. Year-on-year percentage changes in spend were then applied to the baseline of skills, to calculate future workforce demand to deliver against forecasted spend.


The model highlighted that the industry could potentially deliver more than twice the target on direct jobs set in the Offshore Wind Sector Deal between the UK offshore wind sector and the government.


Using the Workforce Planning SIM, forecasting undertaken for OWIC can be repeated annually to provide updates on progress against the sector deal targets.

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