Rail training industry review

Rail training industry review – get involved

As many rail organisations will be aware, the low number of new trainers entering the industry has been a concern for some time. This is compounded by the high number of trainers reaching retirement age – the NSAR Rail Workforce Survey 2023 identified that approximately 40% of trainers will be aged 65 years or older by 2030.

To address this, Network Rail Training – in partnership with NSAR – are reviewing the ways the industry recruits, onboards and manages rail skills trainers.

We are looking for training providers to be involved in this review, to share thoughts and concerns about the current system and to influence new ways of working that remove barriers.

We are asking for feedback and ideas on the following topics:

  • What would make recruiting trainers easier?
  • What would make upskilling the trainers you employ easier?
  • What is stopping people from wanting to become a trainer?
  • What blocks are in the way when it comes to getting trainers onboarded and maintaining their technical capabilities? For example, do I really need PTS to train this other course?
  • What other problems do you encounter in getting trainer approval? How would we fix them?

Input from our training providers is vital to ensure that what we propose meets your needs and helps you to recruit and maintain an effective training delivery service.

If you would like to be involved, please email marketing@nsar.co.uk with your name, email address and contact number. The deadline to respond is 27 February 2024.

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