PRESS RELEASE – NSAR Rebrand Supporting Businesses Bridge the Skills Gap

NSAR is pleased to announce a rebrand to support its new deeper business focus.

NSAR has spent the past 12-months listening to its members and infrastructure industry leaders throughout the UK describe their biggest challenges and threats. The conclusion was unanimous: an unprecedented skills shortage is threatening productivity and will ultimately result in a wholesale reduction in the competitiveness of UK plc. The NSAR board have sought and approved a new approach.

Several factors are contributing to the skills shortage in the UK – an ageing labour force; a reduction in the freedom of movement; increased demand and a hiatus in training caused by COVID-19.

In response, NSAR has developed a new service dedicated to supporting organisations meet their recruitment needs through planning for and developing the right skills. NSAR will help a wider group of businesses become more productive through reduced wage inflation and increased capability. It will do this by removing some of the key barriers to training. The brand refresh is marking the start of this new approach.


NSAR CEO, Neil Robertson said: 

“Without the right skills, businesses will stagnate. NSAR is rolling up its sleeves and providing a new service offer that is dedicated to supporting businesses – from SME to large organisations – meet their growth targets. I am thrilled to launch NSAR’s rebrand which is part and parcel of our new service offering.”

Over the next few weeks, NSAR will release more information on its new services.


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