NSAR External Quality Assurance & Apprenticeships Service

NSAR continues to be an enabling body supporting the employer-led Apprenticeship Quality Boards in:

We remain focused on supporting employers committed to high-quality apprenticeships by helping them to take ownership of the external quality assurance of the various apprenticeship assessment market places. Our and their aim is to allow all stakeholders to have confidence in the assessment outcomes during the end-point assessment stage of the apprenticeships.

Our team is committed to keeping employers at the centre of apprenticeship policy, supporting them in their work to ensure there is constant and continuous improvement, as well as all working to ensure we have the highest quality apprenticeship experiences and outcomes possible. We will work with our employer boards to explore how this engagement is maintained going forward.

To find out more about NSAR External Quality Assurance & Apprenticeships Service visit https://nsar.freshdesk.com/support/home and log an inquiry.


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