Keith Jessop, the founder of Intertrain, has sadly passed away

With a heavy heart, we inform you that Keith Jessop, the founder of Intertrain, has sadly passed away.

Keith worked in the rail industry for over 52 years, starting in 1968 as a Junior Technical Officer in the Eastern Region Chief Civil Engineering Drawing Office. He then went on to work in the Divisional Civil Engineer in York, Chief Civil Engineer in Euston, Divisional Civil Engineer Leeds, Chief Civil Engineer York Survey Section and as Central Training Manager Eastern Region.

Keith served the railway industry for a long time and through his own individual endeavours as well as by selflessly ‘putting something back’ to the industry, he created something that has provided so many learning opportunities to individuals that ordinarily would have struggled to get on the employment ladder. He has supported so many people from lowly beginnings who when given the proper advice and guidance have progressed to achieving personal success and a career on the railway.

A Just Giving page in memory for Keith is now live with donations going to the City & Guilds Foundation.

Click here to contribute.

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