NSAR at the Mental Health Cafe

Last week NSAR Head of Skills Intelligence Neil Franklin presented at The Mental Wealth Café on 29th August 2019 at the Helicon in London.

Sponsored by RSSB, the event was a success with over 60 delegates attending to have honest discussions about mental health in our workforce,  remove stigmas and raise awareness,  as well as find new and pre-existing solutions, resources and knowledge.

Neil\’s presentation focused on productivity improvement in staff as a result of taking wellbeing and mental health seriously, and having strategies and plans that ultimately deliver economic and productivity benefits.

To download the presentation click here.

Others speakers included Wendy McCristal (Head of Human Factors, Tracsis), Michelle O\’Sullivan (Mental Wellbeing Specialist RSSB), Alison and Sarah (Mental Health Wellbeing Consultancy) and Andy Elwood (Mental Health First Aider Training)

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