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We are delighted that NSAR has been appointed by the IfATE to work with employers to develop an employer-led response to external quality assurance of the following apprenticeship standards:

  • ST0424 – Broadcast and media systems technical operator
  • ST0174 – Props technician
  • ST0346 – Assistant technical director (visual effects)
  • ST0341 – Broadcast production assistant
  • ST0105 – Junior content producer
  • ST0347 – Junior 2D artist (visual effects)
  • ST0489 – Storyboard artist
  • ST0525 – Creative industries production manager (degree)
  • ST0696 – Post Production Technical Operator

We will be working closely with ScreenSkills to support employers in these apprenticeship areas to implement the IFATE EQA Framework and to support high-quality end-point assessment for these apprenticeship standards.

We are currently recruiting employers for the employer-led, external quality assurance board. If you are an employer and interested in finding out more about participating in the work of the employer board please download the guidance note.


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