Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is a critical activity for any organisation looking for sustainability in an ever-changing economy.  


The problem is that often professionals struggle to distinguish between resource planning and SWP which is more than just numbers, but the integration of human resource planning via the alignment of skills requirements, roles and people. 


Addressing the question on what resources do I need, when do I need them and how best to attain these e.g. apprenticeships, recruitment, upskilling or a combination of all in order to meet company objectives.  


NSAR has developed a range of tools which allow you to implement SWP and be secure in the knowledge that your workforce is comprised of the right people to accomplish company goals is a step in the right direction.


Click on the links below to see the services we have available to help you with SWP.  


A centralised and secure online record of each individual’s competencies, qualifications and training plans accessible on any electronic device.

A statistical tool which uses data on today’s workforce and future investment plan levels to forecast the future required workforce. 

Enabling employers to easily and quickly model the apprenticeship programmes that best fit its needs and immediately see how much of its levy contribution has been recovered.

Skills Live

A unique tool which hosts video insights filmed with young apprentices to create visual job specifications that illustrate the tasks of a role and the behaviours and culture of an organisation.  

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