SME Support

We recognise that our small and medium sized member organisations do not on their own have the influence and economies of scale that large employers are able to exert, so it is important to us that NSAR supports and amplifies the voice of the small business and ensures that they do not miss out. Our networking and workshops give SMEs access to large organisations and to key industry stakeholders and influencers. Small and Mediums Sized Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of the engineering supply chain for the UK Rail Industry with around 60% of the investment spend being delivered by an SME companies. SMEs will play an essential role in recruiting, training and developing the rail engineers of the future. 

At NSAR, we believe one of our key roles is to provide support to SME companies by:

  • Providing information or helping to access information on accredited training providers, academic and vocational training programmes, apprenticeships, availability of grant funding or other financial support

  • Encouraging and supporting mutual support within the SME community


  • Supporting knowledge and resource sharing between SME companies and the large client and contractor/consultant organisations 

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