Skills Intelligence

As part of our mandate to support the skills aspects of the industries in which we operate in, we are very happy to support the government, industry and employers in their quest to predict and meet their own skills forecasts for the next ten to twenty years. Recognising that skills development is a long-term investment, we want to ensure that as many organisations are taking the right actions at the right time to give themselves an opportunity to meet their long-term skills obligations and forecasts.


A centralised and secure online record of each individual’s competencies, qualifications and training plans accessible on any electronic device.




Skills Intelligence Model (SIM) 

A statistical model which uses data on today’s workforce and future investment plan levels to forecast the future required workforce. 



Apprenticeship Levy Planner 

Enabling employers to easily and quickly model the apprenticeship programmes that best fit its needs and immediately see how much of its levy contribution has been recovered. 



A unique tool which hosts video insights filmed with young apprentices to create visual job specifications that illustrate the tasks of a role and the behaviours and culture of an organisation. 

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