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“The user experience is excellent with very quick and easy adding of individuals and records. All the information is just one or two clicks away and the reporting is so easy and flexible. SkillsID has transformed our competence management.” 

Lauren-Anne Wilson

Competence Management Administrator

QTS Training Ltd


Developed by NSAR in collaboration with rail industry employers in early 2013, to design and build a Competency Management System that could meet the needs of organisations of all sizes, big, medium and small. 

SkillsID delivers a centralised and secure online record of each individual’s competencies, qualifications and training plans which is easily accessible to both the employer and the individual on a computer, phone or tablet. 

SkillsID provides instant access to you workforces’ training and competence records providing you with assurance of their competency but SkillsID can support strategic workforce planning and succession planning ensuring that you unlock the true potential of your organisation’s commercial ability. 

SkillsID features & Benefits

  • Mobile Access – Access records on any device, giving you the freedom to manage your organisation wherever you are.
  • Tailored Dashboard – View your organisation on an individual, team and department level allowing you to select the performance metrics important to your business.
  • Top down view – View the data for your entire organisation in an easy to read format to see where skills are particularly strong or require attention. 
  • Alerts and Notifications – Alerts employees and employers to expiring skills or upcoming training courses ensuring you stay on track of training.
  •  Customisable – Add customisable levels and descriptions for different competencies. Develop bespoke training plans together with notifications for individuals. 
  • Observation Tool – Allowing organisations to build bespoke paperless assessments that can be saved and amended with compatibility on work on smart devices. 
  • Career Planner – Giving you access to a GAP analysis tool where an individual can see a step by step guide to the the training courses requires to progress their career. 

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