Skills Intelligence Model

The basis behind the data in the SIM is through a collection of anonymised workforce data from industry employers via a pre-defined Excel template, which is then uploaded into the SIM. We currently have data entries on 230,000+ workers in the industry. Each anonymised data entry contains information on age, gender, job role, work type, company, and postal code location. Further diversity information is still in development. From a company perspective, workforce data is provided including – but not limited to – Consultancies, Rolling Stock Manufacturers and Suppliers, Infrastructure Companies, TOCs, Industry and Regulatory Bodies, and Rolling Stock Maintainers. 

The SIM is divided into four sections: 

  • Investment Plans
  • Today’s Workforce
  • Future Workforce 
  • Gap Analysis 

The SIM has already demonstrated how it can effectively report to the industry when needed, and in a concise way that is easy to interpret and understand. For more information regarding the SIM then visit NSAR Online.

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