Data Analyst and Data Scientist Shared Apprenticeships

Recent surveys have highlighted the need for data analysts and data scientists across the globe. The ongoing development of technological interactions means that valuable data is available but without the ability to interpret that data, the benefits that it can provide remain 



NSAR are working with industry to grow the UK’s Data Analyst and Data Scientist capability through two pilot shared apprenticeship programmes. The Data Analyst apprenticeship is a level 4 programme running over 2 years and provides an in-depth understanding of data analytics and how specific data sets can be interpreted and evaluated.


The Data Scientist apprenticeship is a level 6 (degree) programme running over 3 years and is designed to allow those individuals the capability to take data interpretation and use it to develop strategic programmes based on the findings. 

Scheme information

Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship 

The apprenticeship is scheduled to start in early September 2019 and recruitment via each employer is already underway; links to each employers’ recruitment page are detailed below. The level 4 scheme follows a particular apprenticeship ‘standard’. 

Benefits of a shared apprenticeship

  •  Work both independently and as part of a wider cohort of like-minded apprentices
  • Develop learning from a number of employers and industries
  • Opportunity to share best practice 

Training Providers Links


Level 6 Data Scientist Apprenticeship 

The level 6 apprenticeship is scheduled to start in early 2020 and information regarding recruitment on to this programme will be found here in due course.

There are minimum qualification requirements for each scheme and these can be found on the recruitment pages for each employer, but please note,you will not be eligible for this programme unless you are in Employment with one of the following; 

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