The Approval & Assurance Service provides a recognised quality mark for learning interventions, reassuring trainees and employers of the quality of the training on offer. The quality mark represents an industry agreed benchmark of quality learning in the world of non-regulated learning, training interventions and upskilling. 


The Approval & Assurance Service provides a robust mechanism through which employers can gain and maintain confidence that both their internal and outsourced learning provision is robust, meets organisational needs and falls in line with current ‘best-practice’ thinking.  

The Process 

Divided into three stages, the Service:

  • will Approve learning and assessment, benchmarking against a set of employed governed assurance criteria, as well as industry agreed standards for competence where defined. 


  • can Assure ongoing delivery and promote continuous improvement, providing ongoing confidence to employers, providers and the learners themselves. 


  • could Award achievement, providing employers and learners with a record confirming that they have successfully met the intended aims of a particular learning intervention.  

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