NSAR’s analysis has shown a frequent loss of talented and willing individuals when applying to heavily-subscribed employer apprenticeship programmes. These could be the next generation of industry leaders whose skills, whilst not being suitable for one particular selection process, could greatly benefit another employer. 


In light of the Government’s 2020 apprenticeship targets and continued pressures regarding skills shortages and an ageing workforce we developed NSAR-CONNECT – a Placement Service that provides employers with candidates who have successfully been through an industry-leading assessment process. 


The online system that delivers prospective apprentices, graduates and placement students allow the industry to retain and redeploy talented individuals. 


Key features

  • Route and role maps for prospective individuals to navigate their way around the industry
  • An ‘apprenticeship placement service’ for new entrants to the industry who are looking for employment
  •  Access to employers seeking new recruits by way of an online ‘notice board’ of profiles and curriculum vitae
  • Signpost to a national network of assured training providers and colleges for those looking for rail training or upskilling. 

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