The National Skills Academy for Rail

Membership Events

26th January 2021

Rail Provider Network Launch

  • What we are trying to do?
  • Services we provide    
  • What to expect

26th February 2021

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • What it tells you nationally
  • What it tells you regionally
  • How can we make it more useful for you?

19th March 2021

Catch up on apprenticeships

  • Latest on apprenticeships

23rd April 2021

Digital Impact on Skills

  • Impact of Digital on Skills

18th June 2021

External Quality Assurance (EQA) Work

  • Latest on EQA work
  • Start and completion data

23rd July 2021

To the Labour Market

  • A year on from COVID-19

6th August 2021


  • What you need to know

22nd October 2021


  • TBC

10th December 2021

What a year for members

  • A sneak peak for 2022

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