What is the Learning Approval Service?


The Learning Approval Service offers you the ability to independently measure the quality of the training against a set of independently created, industry supported, quality criteria. We will look to determine whether your provision is high quality, fit for purpose and represents good practice training.


The Learning Approval Service has been designed to ensure it: 

  • drives quality and fit for purpose learning interventions
  • ensures learner-centric focus
  • communicates a key quality message to your customers, giving them confidence in the quality of your training products and services
  • helps employers decide where to spend learning and development resources and allows them to do so with confidence
  • communicates a positive quality message to the learner
  • drives continuous improvement for your training products 
  • confirms alignment with adopted industry standards

NSAR will support you through the Learning Approval process


  • reviewing your materials and working with you to ensure that they meet their needs 
  • reaching a judgement as to its alignment with the assurance criteria
  • highlighting actions where gaps exist
  • making recommendations for improvement
  • creating a dedicated listing for your approved course on the NSAR website
  • providing you with a certificate of approval for the training programme
  • issuing you with an ‘approved’ logo, for use in approved materials
  • Offering promotional support and activities (additional charges may apply) 

How does it work?

Customers will provide NSAR with their course materials for review and analysis and we will review the materials and reach a judgement as to its alignment with the assurance criteria, highlight actions where gaps exist, or making recommendations for improvement. 


Each submission for approval will be scrutinised by an experienced NSAR training and quality assurance specialist and will be checked by a second member of NSAR’s specialist team to agree findings, ratify the outcome and ensure consistency.  

Additional Service 


NSAR can offer the ability to have your training programme ‘levelled’, i.e. assigned a level to indicate the degree of challenge and benchmark it against national and European frameworks 


How much does it cost? 

£450 per programme*


*Excluding VAT. Discounts for multiple programmes agreed by negotiation. Levelling assessment available for an additional fee.


Get in touch

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with one of the team, please contact us at eqa@nsar.co.uk

For more information contact us at eqa@nsar.co.uk    

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