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Due to unprecedented skills shortages, the government has set the transport industry stretching apprenticeship targets. The rail industry, as a key transport sub-sector, has responded with an industrial strategy that endorses the goals and the need for quality.

With Rail Supply Group (RSG), Rail Delivery Group (RDG), and Department for Transport (DfT) we've launched the Rail Sector Skills Delivery Plan on Thursday 7 December 2016; a collaboration between RSG and RDG through National Skills Academy for Rail. The Plan sets the industry ambition in responding to the skills challenge the industry is facing. It was developed in a collaborative effort with over 60 businesses from across the rail sector and will be delivered through a cross-industry collaboration from transport operators, infrastructure managers, the supply chain, Young Rail Professionals, Women in Rail, colleges, trainers and academia.

In addition to apprenticeship targets and quality, there are external factors to be considered which include partnerships, new technologies, investment and opportunities for productivity.

Working with industry employers, NSAR has identified the following skills challenges that together we are addressing:

  • Identifying top talent as leaders of the future and designing career paths and development programmes to attract and retain
  • Promotion of the rail sector to be seen by educators and potential recruits as high-tech & dynamic industry
  • Design of engagement programme with senior industry leaders to encourage embedding diversity in organisations through recruitment, procurement and the creation of supporting environments
  • Adoption of consistent industry-wide competency standards to support transferability of skills thus reducing the cost of retraining newcomers.
  • Optimising supply and demand  around  recruitment of apprenticeships, graduates, career changers and movement of existing industry personnel
  • Increase visibility of potential career progression and mobility within the industry broadening industry knowledge
  • Increased  competency  across  workforce
  • Understand future and current skills shortages to enable targeted investment and monitoring of progress in order to close gap reducing industry costs.

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