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It is vitally important that we understand any issues and incidents as they arise and work quickly, fairly and in a way that will allow us to deal with them appropriately. 


Our alerts process provides the mechanism for individuals or organisations to report any concerns, issues or incidents encountered relating to in-scope apprenticeship delivery, following a structured, considered and appropriate investigation process. 


We adopt a ‘stage-gate’ review process that allows alerts to be considered in a collaborative and considered way, ensuring areas of risk are identified quickly and, where appropriate, escalated to the Institute for advice, consideration and/or investigation.  


We work closely with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and other stakeholders and we will escalate all alert notifications, where resolution is out of our direct control and responsibility.  

What should you alert us to?

  • Issues, concerns or confusion relating to a standard or an assessment plan for which NSAR is the designated EQA

  • Any alerts, issues or incidents encountered relating to the delivery of end point assessment services or related assurance of these in-scope apprenticeships


To inform us of any issues click on the image (right) to download the Alerts Report Form. Complete and send the form to


Please note: If you are an apprentice, employer or training provider and you have a complaint, concern or issues relating to a specific End Point Assessment Organisation’s requirement or the results of EPA, you must make full use of that organisation’s complaints and appeals processes. 

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