HybridFLEX on test in Derbyshire

Senior managers from Porterbrook and Chiltern Railways yesterday visited the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in Derbyshire to see the testing of Britain’s first hybrid-powered train. The HybridFLEX battery-diesel train is currently undertaking a programme of tests between Duffield and Wirksworth, prior to returning to Chiltern Railways in the summer.  Fitted with a Rolls Royce MTU hybrid drive the HybridFLEX will cut noise emissions in stations and deliver zero emissions when operating under battery power.

Modelling of duty cycles on Chiltern Railway’s London to Birmingham route suggest potential reductions of circa 20% in fuel consumption and circa 70% in NOx emissions. In addition to improved air quality and reduced noise, HybridFLEX units are also expected to deliver journey time and route capacity improvements, as the combination of diesel and electric power will offer enhanced acceleration capabilities.

The Rolls Royce MTU hybrid drives are also expected to produce maintenance savings through reduced ‘wear and tear’ on consumables, such as brake pads and discs.