Why rail needs to embrace digital technology

Yesterday NSAR hosted a successful webinar entitled Preparing the workforce for a digital future which focused on the digital transformation of the workforce and its applications to productivity and sustainability.
We were delighted to be joined by a diverse panelist including: 

  • Anna Ince, Chief Executive – Resonate & Vice Chair – Rail Supply Group
  • Guy Wilmshurst-Smith, Head Of Profession Development & Training – Network Rail    
  • Jacqueline Young, Programme Director, Intelligent Infrastructure – Network Rail
  • Mark Gaynor, Head of Railway Strategy | People, Operations & Railway Strategy – Rail Delivery Group 
  • Tim Embley, Group Research & Innovation Director – Costain Group PLC    

We would also like to make you aware that our paper “Why rail needs to embrace digital technology” has just been published. The paper uncovers key insights such as: 

  • The pandemic is accelerating the need for productivity in the rail sector
  • The introduction of digital technology to support productivity gains will affect the skills needed in the workforce
  • Many roles will be affected and some will disappear from the industry
  • Those in the maintenance and corporate services areas will be most affected
  • Savings of nearly £700m per annum to the industry are achievable

To download the report, click here.