COVID 19: The Catalyst for Digitisation

The impact of the  pandemic has forced the industry to reduce the of risk inherent in physical paper-based transactions and human to human contact. The solution is digitisation; whilst already an important trend pre-pandemic it has accelerated to become an integral part of our everyday.

According to stats from 82% of office employees would like to continue working remotely at least 1 day a week and 77% believe that their productivity has even improved by working remotely, with 55% claiming that they’re able to perform individual, focused work better from home than the office.

NSAR is aware that digital technologies have been integral during the pandemic, and will continue to be in the future of rail. People will need the right skills to adapt. That’s why NSAR provides external quality assurance  apprenticeship standards which ensures that the end-point assessments are compliant and comparable and consistent across end-point assessment organisations.

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