Helping you manage the skills, knowledge & competencies within your organisation

SkillsID has been developed to ensure you have the information about your workforce as and when you need it. Enabling you to have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. SkillsiD will deliver your business:

  • Time and Resource Efficiency: Single site with all your Compliance Management Information
  • Business Confidence: Be reassured that your workforce is compliant and has the skills and competencies to grow your business
  • People Development: Quickly identify skills, plan career pathways and develop succession plans
  • Business Continuity: Identify business-critical job roles, skills and competencies quickly and easily
  • Bespoke Assessments: Build employee assessments to fit specific job roles, enabled by 1-1 observational mode
  • Tailored Reporting: Detailed dashboards and reports at organisational, departmental and individual levels
  • Flexibility: Access and edit your data anytime and any place

Get instant access and oversight of your workforces’ competence with SkillsID visit and log an enquiry.

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