Smallpeice Trust Future Railway Engineering Course: 20th – 23rd July 2020

Smallpeice is delivering the¬†Future Railway Engineering (for YRS 11 and 12) course this summer as a result of the increasing demand for rail transport and the need for a new generation of railway engineers to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. The 4-day course (20th – 23rd July 2020)¬†includes a series of lectures to give you a feel for what university life is like, covering a range of subjects including:

  • The challenges the railways face and the advanced technology they increasingly use to make them safer,
    cleaner, more efficient, reliable, greener and cost-effective
  • How trains protect their passengers in the event of a crash, why aerodynamics are so important for high
    speed trains, and why train control systems are so complicated and expensive
  • How you could contribute to this growing industry as an apprentice or graduate engineer
  • Work in a small team to tackle one of two design challenges to either design, build and test a scale-model crashworthy rail vehicle, or develop a next-generation train control system. Your design will need to meet a
    challenging specification based on real-world requirements, and you’ll be competing with other teams to see who comes up with the best solution.
  • Enhancing your CV and make your UCAS application stand out.

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