Terms of reference for the independent review of HS2

The Prime Minister has stated his wish to review “whether and how we proceed” with HS2 ahead of the ‘Notice to Proceed’ decision for Phase 1 (London-West Midlands) due by the end of 2019. The review will assemble and test all the existing evidence in order to allow the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Transport and the government to make properly-informed decisions on the future of Phases 1 and 2 of the project, including the estimated cost and schedule position.

It is stated that the review should rigorously examine and state its views on:

  • The full range of costs and benefits of the project
  • Whether the assumptions behind the business case are realistic, including the location and interconnectivity of the stations with other transport systems, and the implications of potential changes in services to cities and towns on the existing main lines
  • The direct cost of reprioritising, cancelling or de-scoping the project
  • Much more

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