Apprentice funding shortfall sparks fears over training

A funding shortage from the government’s apprenticeship levy is preventing smaller businesses from adding school leavers on to their programmes, according to those providing the training. The shortfall is so large 75%  apprenticeship training providers are turning away business because they do not have the resources to teach new apprentices, according to the Association of Employment Learning Providers (AELP).

Many training providers said they have had to turn away organisations wishing to start new apprenticeship programmes. Other have stated that they had been forced to cut back on apprentice recruitment for their employer clients because new government funding was refused.

With such contention surrounding apprenticeships and funding know that NSAR is here to help. We have developed an online Apprenticeship Levy Planner that is designed to model the apprenticeship programmes to best fit the needs of an employer.  We also have an in-depth understanding of the current apprenticeships landscape, with a team of experts facilitating the design of the latest apprenticeship standards relevant for the rail and the wider transport industry.  

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