Smallpeice Trust launches a Digital Railway Engineering Course

Smallpeice will be launching a Digital Railway Engineering (for YRS 11 and 12) course this summer as a result of the increasing demand for rail transport and the need for a new generation of railway engineers to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. The 4-day course (29th July – 1st August 2019)¬†will take focus on the range of skills needed to deal with technology from traditional heavy engineering to cutting-edge digital technologies. It will cover:

  • The challenges the railways face and the advanced technology they increasingly use to make them safer, cleaner, more efficient, reliable, greener and cost-effective
  • How trains protect their passengers in the event of a crash, why aerodynamics are so important for high speed trains, and why train control systems are so complicated and expensive
  • How you could contribute to this growing industry as an apprentice or graduate engineer

To find out more click here.

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