NSAR at the Simulation & Training for Resilience & Safety Symposium

The Simulation & Training for Resilience & Safety Symposium (STRS) took this week on 26-27 March in Mayfair, London. The event saw representatives from safety-critical industries (nuclear power, oil & gas, renewable energy, healthcare, maritime, rail, aviation, defence, construction etc) meet to discuss and foster innovation and partnerships in training and simulation.

NSAR Head of Skills Intelligence Neil Franklin attended to represent the rail industry and delivered a presentation on “What can rail learn from immersive technologies?” The presentation looked at the reasons why it is so important for rail to look at different ways of operating, why training the workforce needs to be flexible and dynamic and what are the economic benefits from doing so.

A core theme at the 2-day event was the continuous, often rapid and disruptive change in these industries, resulting in the increasing digitisation of activities, together with changes in the geo-political context and the new more digitally-savant recruits.