Getting young Londoners onto the right track

Getting that important first job can be a challenge particularly if you are young and come from a disadvantaged background. That is why South Western Railway has teamed-up with The Prince’s Trust to run a customer service employability skills courses for young people called Get into South Western Railway. The four-week vocational training course gives up to 14 young people a chance to develop the skills that will help them unlock their potential and build their confidence. To-date, South Western Railway has run two courses. Plans are already being made for a third course in May 2019.

NSAR supports young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds too and will be launching a video platform called Skills Live as a way to engage people with career opportunities in rail.  We are partnering with DWP to run a campaign across their Jobcentre Plus network using Skills Live as a way to engage young people with the jobs in the rail industry.

Help us connect young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with careers in the rail industry, by letting us film with one or two of your employees and promote this great industry through Skills Live.

To find out more view about Skills Live click here.