The adoption of new digital technologies means that the right skills will be required to operate them

Demand for fast reliable Wi-Fi on public transport grows exponentially and  FirstGroup and Blu Wireless have announced a project to significantly-boost the quality of connectivity on trains, by pioneering the use of 5G technology on the railway. The new technology is so powerful it will enable reliable streaming, rapid browsing and connectivity to cloud-based applications.

FirstGroup are taking digital technologies seriously as are we at NSAR. The adoption of digital technologies within rail is accompanied by the need to have the right skills to operate these new technologies.

The IfA have approved the Digital Apprenticeship Quality Board, supported by NSAR to deliver the external quality assurance (EQA) service for the 14 published level 3 and level 4 digital standards.

To find out more about our Digital EQA Service click here.


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