Safety is a crucial component of making sure services run as they should

Hull Trains recently appointed Mark Shepherd, the train operating company’s new Head of Safety and Environment. Mark brings more than 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry to his new role, after replacing Phil Green.  Mark’s role will focus on all elements of health, safety and environment for Hull Trains.

Mark said: “Safety is a crucial component of making sure our services run as they should, and I’m delighted to have been appointed.

Like Hull Trains, NSAR knows that safety is paramount in world of rail and on many occasions  human performance can be a  key factor contributing to incidents. Rail organisations need the right competency management systems to maintain and assess the competence of operators responsible for safety critical work.

NSAR’s SKillsID offers a formal online competency management solution suitable for any industry. The platform provides a centralised and secure online record of an individuals skills, competencies, qualifications and training plans.

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