Decarbonisation of rail is possible if we plan to acquire the right skills and knowledge

Britain’s railways could remove diesel-only passenger trains from the network and make substantial progress towards decarbonising their operations by 2040, according to leading rail experts in sustainability and rolling stock.

An initial report has been  published the Rail Industry Decarbonisation Task Force and RSSB acts as the first step to addressing decarbonisation and has found that the target is achievable with the right people and technologies. Rail organisation’s will need to ask themselves”what resources do I need”, “when do I need them” and “how best do I attain these”.

NSAR realises that organisations may need to employ SWP and has developed the Skills Intelligence Model (SIM) to assist in the process.
The SIM is a statistical tool which uses data on today’s workforce and future investment plan levels to forecast the required workforce. It allows users to conduct scenario mapping, business modelling, predict cost savings and efficiency projections that are integral to SWP.

To find out more about NSAR’s SWP and the SIM click here.

To download the Rail Industry Decarbonisation Task Force: Initial Report for The Minister of Rail  click here.

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