NSAR External Quality Assurance Service for digital apprenticeships is now live!

The IfA have approved the Digital Apprenticeship Quality Board, supported by NSAR to deliver the external quality assurance (EQA) service for the 12 published level 3 and level 4 digital standards. There are now over 12,000 starts on these new standards and ten organisations are now registered to deliver end-point assessments.  The EQA service will ensure that the end point assessments are consistent and comparable across end-point assessment organisations – and that the assessment decisions are occupationally valid.

The first output from the service will be a Market Insight Report – based on the early experience of all the registered end-point assessment organisations.  This will provide invaluable feedback on how  end-point assessment is working in practice and will identify the initial priorities for external quality assurance – as well as  highlighting areas for continuous improvement. The Report will be delivered early in this Year.

For more information regarding Digital Apprenticeships, click here.

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