NSAR commences work on a Norwegian Skills Intelligence Model

The Norwegian Public Roads administration and the Railway Directorate has now joined forces to establish a “centre of transport education”.

Engineering companies and entrepreneurs in the sector are also invited to join forces with them to create a strong base for education, work related practices and creating the skills and work force capacity they all need as a country.


Their role, as currently defined, includes the following areas:

  • Skills intelligence and strategic workforce planning
  • Co-ordinating all transport courses and degrees at universities and colleges (transport) supported / run by the public sector
  • Creating necessary education and research opportunities for students
  • Working with the industry to create opportunities for work practice, internships, trainee positions and project work
  • Sector promotion and industry branding and attractiveness

NSAR have been engaged to support them in delivering their objectives, particularly around developing a Norwegian version of our renowned Skills Intelligence Model (SIM).

We will be presenting our demo version early 2019 to the Norwegian Rail and Road organisations, where we will also be joined by the Swedish rail and road administrations.


For more information regarding the SIM, visit our website

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