Higher skilled roles rise as skills gaps grow

According to the 2018 CBI Education and Skills Annual Report, more than three-quarters (79%) of businesses expect to increase the number of higher-skilled roles over the coming years. Yet two-thirds (66%) fear that there will be a lack of sufficiently skilled people to fill vacancies.

The report represents 28,000 businesses and reveals that 85% of firms are expecting to maintain or increase investment in training in their workforce. Currently UK employers spend £44.2 billion on training expenditure each year.

The workforce study carried out by NSAR and published earlier this year STAT: Skills Forecasting Report identified the same issues. NSAR identified an increased need for higher skilled people. Putting to one side the impact of BREXIT which is likely to exacerbate the situation, there is a need for 2,000 extra signalers by 2021, whilst systems engineering and telecommunications require a 44% and 50% increase respectively in higher skilled people by 2020. The requirement for people with digital skills across the entire workforce will only increase.

This is why NSAR works tirelessly to ensure that the rail industry is able to attract the necessary   talent for the future, providing a consolidated voice for the sector on skills, working with employers to develop apprenticeships, producing in-depth analysis and insight on the demand vs supply of skills, building the National Training Partnership to offer an integrated approach to education, training and professional development,  as well as  providing quality assurance of  training provision to ensure that safety and performance of the railway is not compromised due to poor standards of competence.

Click here to view the recent article published in Rail Professional Magazine (page 69) to find out more detail on the breadth and depth of NSAR’s work within the rail industry.

Click here to view the full 2018 CBI Education and Skills Annual Report.

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